Technical Art Director

Built for 4K monitors

With extensive experience as an artist, I am working on closing the gap between offline, pre rendered cinematics and what is possible with real time graphics using Unreal Engine, Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

By producing content that can fuel both the movie and game industry you will be seeing demo work and fully playable environments with incredible detail as a 4k, real time experience.

Instead of taking the Kickstarter route to fund my work, I will be selling a GPU Benchmarker that can support the development of a larger multiplayer.

You will be able to purchase and download the Tech demo & Benchmark scene in several months through Steam (With VR support). It will include a small sized forest environment you are able to explore and use to stress test your graphics cards with.

The best part of the demo for those who like Cinematics, will be the photography mode. You will have full control over a camera and where you take it, as well as its settings like post processing and depth of field. Allowing you to navigate around and capture the environment however you want, from close ups to wide angles and render output.

These are old images to introduce my project, new 4k and 8k images will be online soon.

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Not every scan goes as planned, or can be put to use as intended. Because of that I will be looking to upload a small collection of free high poly meshes. It would be a shame to let them go unused and be deleted when they can be repurposed. Perhaps it forms a great base for a sculpture or ingame mesh for your project.

They will be provided as mesh only and require clean up or need to be retopologized. Keep an eye on this corner, Facebook or Twitter for updates.